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Friday, July 30, 2010

The Mermaid and the Quote Machine

This beautiful mermaid picture is by Toni Pawlowsky. Many years ago, I fell in love with Red Oak Cards, and this image is from their collection.

Ellis Felker, poet and owner of the company, has an awesome website for Red Oak Cards with a quote machine. Here are some creative writing exercises for you to do this week!

1. I want you to visit Red Oak Cards and look at the "Quote-O-Matic" on your right. You will see a quote by Ellis Felker. Your assignment is to write a response to the quote.

Do you agree or disagree? Why?

What does the quote make you think about?

Note: If you don't like the quote, click on the HOME button and a new one should appear.

Here is the link:

2. If you had to put a couple of original quotes into a "Quot-O-Matic," what would they be?

3. Write from the picture above. It is called "Mermaid's Boudoir." Go where your thoughts take you!

Good News of the Day: You can send an e-card for FREE from Red Oak Cards!

Thank you to Ellis Felker at Red Oak Cards for granting permission to utilize his "Quote-O-Matic" and to showcase the beautiful artwork by Toni Pawlowsky.

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