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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Writing Prompts About Keys

Keys by Svadilfari
Keys, a photo by Svadilfari on Flickr.

Today, we will kick-off our writing prompts with a phrase,

"I want a key to. . . "

Please write for 5 minutew without stopping.

After that, your assignment will be to turn your free-write into a poem of 10 lines or less.


Fiction Writing Prompt:

Write the first page story that has the word key as the first line. Here are some example lines you can use or you can make up your own:

1. She never dreamed that she would find the key to. . .
2. Jake was quite sure that the key he stole would open the door to that house on the hill they said was haunted. . .
3. She always dreamed of keys. . .

After you get your first page, you can certainly continue if you'd like.

Essay Prompt:

Write an essay of 500 words or less about keys or write about something prompted by a specific key from your life.

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